We start this Bible study with a lesson on not boasting about tomorrow.  Yes, we should plan and count the cost, but we should do it with God as our guide and our focus.  It will be up to God what will really come to pass tomorrow and we need to accept what He allows.  We take a moment and leave James Chapter 4 and discuss the parable found in Luke 12: 16-21.  We see how the rich man plan to horde his wealth and plan to take a leisurely retirement, with no consideration as to what God would have him to do with his money and his tomorrow.  God's judgement on him was tough, "You fool!".  The leads us in to James Chapter 5 were we discuss the rich's treatment of the poor and the many injustices we might face in this life.  We are to be patient and persevere and hope in our future with the Lord.  We are to look to His coming as a means to survive through tough times brought on by the wrongs of others that we may not have deserved.

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