As Baptists, we do not observe Lent, but as Christians there are things we can give up that would please the Lord.  Over the next 5 Sundays, we are going to talk about 5 things that we can give up to honor the Lord. If you have ever watched a Superman movie or read a Superman comic book, you probably know that there is only one thing that stops Superman:  Kryptonite, that fictional radioactive substance originally from his home planet.  Likewise, there is a “Kryptonite” that originated on our home planet that can neutralize us, a child of God.  Kryptonite not only neutralized Superman’s otherworldly abilities, but it also made Him weaker than a mere human being.  Our Kryptonite does the same to us.  Kryptonite’s huge advantage over Superman is that it isn’t easily recognizable, so he could come under its effects prior to identifying it.  Even so, the believer’s Kryptonite is weakening both individuals and the body of Christ as a whole, and to many it is still not recognizable.  Today, we are going to talk about giving up our “Kryptonite”.  #fsbcsermon #fsbccoalinga

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