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In this message Pastor Terry shares a personal testimony about a spiritual warfare attack.  Then using scripture from Ephesians, James, I Peter, and II Timothy shows how we can protect and defend ourselves against spiritual warfare attacks.  As Christians we need to be aware that we are in a spiritual battle.  The battle intensifies as we grow in our relationship and commitment to the Lord.  Therefore, we need to be faithful, strong and victorious, when wrestling through tough times of spiritual warfare.  Be the people of God!

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Several areas of our Christian walk are covered in Chapter 2 of I Timothy.  The Apostle Paul reminds Timothy that we need to be praying for all men.  We need to remember to pray for those in authority over us.  And notice that it is all people.  It doesn't matter whether we like them or approve of them.  Everyone needs prayer.  Prayer is an important step in obtaining a peaceable and good life.  Next Paul reminds women that they need to be appropriately dressed.  Don't dress in a manor that causes others to stumble.  He also addresses the subject of the roles of men and women.

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In chapter 1 of I Timothy, Pastor Terry reminds us that we need to guard the truth.  We are to know the true gospel message and doctrines of the Lord and not accept any others.  Through the Apostle Paul's life example we are encouraged in this chapter to share with others that God's grace is sufficient for anyone.  God is able to take the worst offender and turn his/her life around.  God's grace that we receive through our belief in what Christ did for us changes us for His glory.  It doesn't matter what we did in this life, only what Christ has done for us and through us.  We are to keep up the good fight of faith for the Lord.

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