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In this message we will see that a Godly focus as we journey through this life on Earth will have an unparelleled reward in this life.

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In today's Bible Study the Apostle Peter teaches us that when we follow Christ we should begin to see changes in our lifestyles.  We should stop walking in our fleshly desires and lusts and show the world we are true followers of Christ.  It is God's Will that we change.  If we continue in our worldly ways we will give ourselves and Christ a bad name.  We are to be serving God for His glory.

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In this message we learn that the one who lives by the Word of God by doing it  will find greater grace and mercy in their lives 

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We begin with review in verses 13 – 18 regarding suffering for right and for wrong.  Then we get in to the new verses for this study in verses 19 through 22.  Peter teaches about Christ’s suffering and our suffering.  Then Peter uses the story of Noah’s Ark to teach us about salvation and baptism.

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